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We welcome you to discover one of the most unique areas around the country, and taste a little of the sweet Cajun life.

No one is a stranger, everyone is a friend, and every day is an opportunity to celebrate life. So “Viens voir ici!” as there’s more than enough room around every table or crawfish pot.

We offer an experience unlike any other. Learn about Cajun culture, the Cajun people who live in Acadiana, and their passionate, generous spirit. You can pick up some nifty Cajun French phrases, check out eye-opening festivals, plan a visit to our most popular tourist attractions, and best of all, eat very well.

Did You Know?

The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge between Lafayette and Baton Rouge is one of the top 3 longest bridges in the United States.

  • Cajun People - Who are the Cajun people and how did they come about?
  • The Cajun Culture - For those unfamiliar with the lifestyle of this unique cultural mecca of art, music and cuisine, it’s truly unique, and unlike any you’ll find elsewhere.
  • Cajun Dictionary - What’s the “Holy Trinity”? If you’re going to perfect those Cajun cooking skills you will need to know this and other popular Cajun terms.
  • Things to Do - In Cajun Country, every occasion is an excuse to celebrate! From our long list of festivals to a rich music scene, we invite you to experience the attractions of Cajun life and all it has to offer.
  • Cajun Recipes - There’s nothing more important to a native than Cajun food and family. In fact, the two words are practically synonymous. Often, our traditional recipes are passed down for generations.